Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All the Reasons I'm LOVING Summer in the SLC!

When making my summer plans months ago I tried to fit in as many travels and adventures as possible.  Having packed my schedule, I soon realized that I would be spending only 2-3 weeks in Salt Lake City!  After a month of traveling about (all through Greece, stranded in Philadelphia, drives to the Fort, and adventures in Cali) I arrived back in Salt Lake and have had a hard time leaving it since!  Here are just a few of the reasons I'm absolutely loving my summer in the SLC...

- Farmers Market at Pioneer Park!!!  The Farmers Market in downtown Salt Lake has been a long time favorite of mine.  You could even find me there with my crocheted clothing booth for the last two summers (see  I no longer have my booth and am once again loving the market!  Great booths, great people, friendly dogs, and awesomely delicious cherries! MMM!

- The Gateway!!!  I'm a little embarrassed to admit just how much I've been to this outdoor mall this summer... but with all its shops, restaurants, the movie theater and other attractions- it's the one - stop- summer - shop.  A few weeks ago they had a sidewalk chalk contest with some fantastic chalk artists - I was quite impressed.

- Picnics in Sugar House Park!!!  Oh how I love Sugar House Park.  It has such a fantastic view of the mountains and so many friendly trees to eat food or read a good book under...

- Kayaking in Mantua!!!  I drove up to Cache Valley to visit my fabulous friend Sarah in Logan and spent an awesome afternoon kayaking with her and her mom... I'm seriously considering investing in a kayak (if only I didn't live in such a tiny apartment and drive such a tiny car...)

-4th of July in Park City!!!  Got to chill up the mountain a ways on the 4th where the weather is typically about 10 degrees cooler (a welcome relief in July) and listened to the awesome new Reggae band Patwa - who also happens to be playing at the Reggae Festival this weekend - very excited!!!

-Hiking in Little Cottonwood Canyon!!!  I still have a lot of exploring to do up there - it is so absolutely beautiful!

-Utah Arts Festival!!!  I got exposed to my first Poetry Slam this year at the UT Arts Fest!  So amazingly good!  I don't normally consider myself much of a poetry person, but these artists gave me chills and brought me close to tears! SO SO SO Good!  *Snaps* PUSH!!! (you'd get it if you were there...)

- Hitchcock Marathon at the Gallivan!!!  Nothing like cozying up in some blankets on the grass and watching Hitchcock's finest on the big screen!  

- Twilight Concert Series!!!  Bon Iver, The Black Keys, M. Ward, Iron and Wine, Toots and the Maytals, and Q-Tip --- all for free in downtown SLC.  YAY!

-Harry Potter!!!  Comes out in a few days!!! I'm not even trying to hide my excitement!!!

-Samba Gringa!!!  Live Samba music with the big drums, samba dancers, and occasionally some Capoeira - these guys pop up all over Salt Lake and they are AWESOME!!!

- Sailing!  I will make my dad take me at some point this summer.  Let the lessons begin!  Good thing there happen to be some particularly large lakes in Utah...

And ultimately the very very best part about this summer is the awesome people I am spending it with...  I have absolutely amazing friends and I am having a blast!  YAY!

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