Friday, October 22, 2010


I haven't posted on this blog in forever - I've been spending a lot of time trying to update my crafty blog So you should read that, and maybe spare yourself from reading the whining post I'm about to let loose.

Anyway- this was a very bad week - and I felt the need to be be a very whiny baby and just complain about it here, so this is as good of place as any I guess...

1. Someone shoplifted $300 worth of my handmade hats at a craft fair. Jerks. How do you even fit that much knitwear in your purse??? If you must be a terrible person and steal, do it from a gigantic corporation that can handle the loss - not a college girl who does every stitch by hand. Seriously.

2. Due to the shoplifting distraction, and my general lack of motivation lately, I neglected to study for my microbiology exam until the last minute. Not my finest work. I hate doing poorly on something and knowing I could have done better.

3. I found out that an old pal of mine is very sick. I haven't kept in touch with this person - but she is truly wonderful, and knowing that she is handling her situation better than I ever could if I were in her place makes me greatly regret not getting to know her better and doing a better job of keeping in touch. Sometimes amazing people pass through your life - it's important to treasure it when they do.

4. I didn't get accepted to the Renegade Craft Fair. I really wanted to go. Sad Sara.

5. I watched a puppy get run over by a car. Yes I did. I'm still recovering from the shock of it all and truly hope I don't have puppy run over nightmares tonight. May I just say, that I looked into that puppy's eyes when it took it's last breath, and I still want to cry about it.

Thankfully, Samba Fogo played at Urban Lounge tonight - so an evening of great dancing, music, and people made the week a bit brighter.

I hope no one reads this whining post. I just really needed a vent session. These little things can get you down...