Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

One of my favorite places in the entire world is Rocky Mountain National Park!  I just feel so happy every time I'm there and I swell with Colorado pride!  I'm hanging out in Fort Collins, Colorado this week visiting my awesome family and trying to show my cousin Jimmy all the great sights!  He's in the process of moving here- so exciting! 

I drove myself, my sister Amanda, and my cousins Andy and Jimmy through Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday.  We stopped by the Alluvial Fan - always a classic - and Bear Lake.  We took some absolutely awesome pictures!

Amanda, Jimmy, me, and Andy - Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

Me at the Alluvial Fan - Rocky Mountain National Park
If I'm feeling brave enough... I think we'll go up again tomorrow and drive along Trail Ridge Road - the highest continuous motor way in the United States (it takes you up past 12,000 feet and needless to say, for someone afraid of heights, the drive can be a little frightening...)   If that adventure happens- more pictures will come!

Amanda, Jimmy, Andy, and me - Rocky Mountain National Park

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