Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A night with the Utah JAZZ!

Megan, Me, Gina, Lisa after dance class with the Utah Jazz Dancers!

I spent my night taking the audition prep class for the Nu Skin Jazz Dancers- oh what a blast.  I can already feel my muscles getting sore!  Those that knew me before I became a modern dance major (discussing time, space, energy, dynamic change, symbolism, etc. ) know that I was quite the jazzerina.  Yes, most Friday nights I was at school with my poms pulling some cheesy dance moves.  But in the end... those were some of my favorite memories from high school (and gave me great opportunities - hello, New York - hello, London).  I had so so so much fun... just like I did tonight.

No, I am not auditioning to be a Utah Jazz dancer... come this Saturday I will be sporting a bridesmaids dress instead of a skimpy dance outfit (best friend's wedding trumps dance audition ANY day).  Tonight was all I needed.  As I was "free-styling" (dancing wildly with the music however you feel - no choreography), I really remembered how much I freaking LOVE dancing- and having Lisa, Megan, and Gina there helped with the loving, too!  This was one of the first dance classes, in four whole years, that I have taken without having to worry about a grade!  It felt so good.  BUT - as we were sitting down to the question and answer session after a high energy class I lost my enthusiasm.  Once they mentioned the 7 hours of rehearsals a week in addition to all the performances and appearances, I knew it wasn't time yet.  I love dancing - I really do - but I know if I go back to dancing and rehearsing even half as much as I was, I won't love dancing much longer.  (Not to mention a lot of being a Jazz Dancer is based on your look and body type rather then your actual dance skills, and while I can understand why that is, it still really bugs me...)  

Over the next year - or few years -  I know I will have to take a dance class every now and then to maintain my sanity, but I still think a break is very much needed.  I'm so excited for all the other possibilities that are opening up for me!!!  Yay life!

Me, in my high school cheesy jazz dancing days!

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