Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reasons the coming week is going to ROCK...

This is probably the week of summer I have been looking forward to most - it is jam packed with totally awesome stuff!!!

Sunday - Going to see Patwa at the Reggae Fest in Park City!
Monday - Dial M for Murder playing for free at the Gallivan!
Tuesday - Harry Potter Marathon and stitch and bitch.
Wednesday - Midnight opening of HARRY POTTER!!!  
Thursday - The Black Keys at the Gallivan!
Friday - Samba Fogo's show at my old home the MCD (Marriott Center for Dance)
Saturday - Drive to Fort Collins for Emma's birthday!
Sunday - Rocky Mountain National Park with my awesome family!
And the rest of the following week ... I will be have a blast showing my cousin around Fort Collins.  (He's moving there and I'm so excited!!!  I feel like I just gained a little brother!)  The week will be packed with hikes, bike rides, canoeing, brewery tours, Horsetooth, Big City Burrito, Walrus Ice Cream, and old town!
Me and my cousin Jimmy who will be moving to Fort Collins in one short week!

SOOOO EXCITED!!!  I'm loving life!

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