Monday, June 22, 2009

A Belated Graduation Blog...

OK, OK, OK... I graduated about a month and a half ago, so this is quite belated.  I was thinking back to graduation this week.  I went to the dance building a few days ago to get the DVD's of all the dances I have been in the last four years (there were a lot).  I thought I might get a little emotional walking back into the dance building- a place I've considered my home for the last 4 years (when the campus was evacuated last semester we all went to the dance building instead of leaving because we all spend more time there than at home).  I realized the building itself, although beautiful, I will not miss, but the people inside it I definitely will.  The totally awesome thing about being involved in the dance program was that I could walk into that building and know and love every single person I saw - which is quite encouraging when dealing with a terrible case of senioritis. I LOVE that I knew every single person that I sat with while waiting to accept our diplomas.  I love the fun we had running around the dressing room before we paraded in.  And I absolutely LOVE that we all lost our heels and accepted our diplomas barefoot.  We earned them barefoot, so it is tradition that we accept them barefoot... which created much confusion amongst the audience members...

You wish you were as fine as the class of 2009... much love to you all!!!
Barefooted picture with the Chair of Modern Dance Donna White and the Dean of Fine Arts Raymond Tymas - Jones taken by Gammell Photography.

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