Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sans Limites Crochet goes online!

My project for this three day weekend is to do some investigating and get my small farmer's market booth online!!! YEAH! I have been crocheting since I was 9 years old. In the beginnings, I sold some items on the Colorado State University campus just days after my 16th birthday and donated the money to the Epilepsy Foundation ( My senior year of high school, shocked like the rest of the world by the Tsunami just after Christmas, I held another sale at CSU along side UNICEF and again donated the money (

Now that I am a college student (and becoming a professional college student, so it would seem) I have been taking the little profit for myself. 3 years ago, I officially started Sans Limites Crochet and woke up at 5 AM every Saturday to drive all my stuff down to Pioneer Park and set up for the Farmer's Market. The summer after that I sold at the Farmer's Market, the Park Silly Sunday Market, and the Sugarhouse Art Fair. This year with all my travels, adventures, and weddings, keeping a regular business has been impossible. SOOO... since my stock of crocheted hats keeps growing... I am attempting to move it online! Keep an eye on Etsy- a website kind of like Ebay only it is specifically for handmade arts - an account of mine should be popping up there soon!

And in the mean time... there is now a facebook fan page. Check it!

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