Sunday, September 27, 2009

Perfect Fall Evening

Last night I met up with my friend Brittney and some of her friends for the perfect fall evening- what a blast. We packed a picnic and drove down to Provo (ick, home of the team down south- amongst BYU fans fresh off a win over Colorado State- oh no!) and headed up Provo Canyon for a night hike. After dark, at around 8:30 we headed up Diamond Fork Trail and an hour later arrived at the Fifth Water Hot Springs! We were thinking we might be the only ones up there so late, but the place was packed!!! To avoid the crowds we headed to the springs that were a bit hotter a little further up near a beautiful waterfall and encountered a few skinny dippers with their dog. We eventually figured out our perfect peaceful place - away from the crowds - just near the waterfall where the cold water met up with the hot. It was a balancing act, and we had to keep the water moving to avoid being scalded on one side and frozen on the other... but ultimately our private waterfall grotto was worth it. After opening some wine and fresh fruit- we turned off the headlamps and flashlights and admired the stars for hours until our fingers got pruney.

I didn't get any pictures, because it was so dark (what- Sara without pictures???), but this is what the springs look like in the daylight. This is a hike I am definitely going back to- very very soon. Such a fantastic night!!!

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