Friday, September 18, 2009

2 weddings down 2 to go!

Camille and Cameron got married last weekend! Yes, I am doing homework on a Friday night, and of course taking a break to document the fun that was had! Camille was a fabulous bride... the zipper on her dress split right before the ceremony... I would have cried - but Camille handled it with complete grace. If she had any nervousness, she didn't show it - she had so much poise.
Highlight of the wedding... the bride joined the kids in the blow up jumpy castle thing. Then was joined by her husband- then of course joined by her dance friends. We didn't let our pretty dresses keep us from having some good barefooted fun.

Camille and Cameron met skiing at Snowbird a few years back. For those that know Camille, this is not surprising. These two are going to have so many skiing, river rafting, mountain climbing adventures - I can't wait to see all the fun they have! Much love!

Silly dancers fighting over the bouquet!

Diana and Tyler get married tomorrow! Can't wait!

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