Friday, September 18, 2009

Girls Getting into Trouble- the Bachelorette Party of Diana Neal

Several members of the class of 09 reunited to celebrate Diana's last night out!!! It was so so so nice to all get together again! Nothing like seeing a pack of girls together having a ball!

After meeting downtown and decorating my dad's car with "hot chick outta control" stickers, the night officially began with dinner at Cafe Trio - a Salt Lake favorite. Good food and good company! We got several stares from the other restaurant goers - 8 great girls laughing and having a good time- we may have dominated the restaurant a little.

Next... well... I can check going to a strip club off my to do list. Yes we did. Good times. We even learned how to make it rain dolla billz on the dancers. Although, I must admit, you have to have skillz to get our dolla billz - our BFA's make us a tough audience.

Next stop: Cisero's on Main Street in Park City. It was rather deserted since none of the skiiers have arrived yet, but that only worked to our advantage. The few guys that were there were only too happy to have us arrive and paid for our drinks the rest of the night. The bartender got dolla billz rained on him as well... had to put our new skill to good use.

Our adventure then took us to Destiny's family cabin in the mountains outside of Heber. We had a bit of trouble finding it on the crazy dark dirt road at 2 in the morning... but the cabin was worth the search complete with hot tub, pool table, home theater (and recliners), and the 6 or so bedrooms. After our epic sleepover we sadly had to return home for class/work/life. Too bad... Great Night! Much love to the class of 09 and congrats to Diana! MY BEST FRIEND GETS MARRIED TOMORROW!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!!

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