Friday, September 25, 2009

3 Weddings down... 1 (or 2) to go...?

My best friend, Diana Neal, got married last week to Tyler Timothy... finally. Haha, I say this jokingly because they have been dating for almost 7 years! They are high school sweethearts and since all us dancers just graduated from college, it was the perfect time to finally tie the knot.

KJ - the playa- look at all those lovely ladies!

The ladies!!!

I was a witness on their marriage license!!!

Bride and Bridesmaids!

Diana and Tyler's first dance!!!

The ceremony took place in the Old Meeting House in Salt Lake City, UT. Both their families were there and everyone looked fabulous! It was a beautiful, small ceremony, followed by a fantastic reception filled with good friends and dancing to a jazz band! Beautiful evening! They are in Mexico right now- having a blast on their honeymoon- and I can't wait till they come back and start their new lives together as husband and wife! (Last time Diana was out of town, it was with me in Greece... so I can't wait for her to come home!)

Next wedding(s) - Rachel and Nate in Washington on October 10th... Gina and Teaguer ALSO get married on the 10th... I'm excited to see Rachel, but sad to miss Gina's ... weddings, weddings, weddings!!!

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