Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sickety sick sick

I have been coughing for a week. Last week I was conveniently able to blame it on the inversion, but now with clear skies I am feeling worse than ever. I have spent the whole day in bed (except for when I made it to anatomy and chemistry this morning). I need to get healthy because...

-I love yoga. I have started a yoga practice, which is no fun when sick.
- I auditioned for Samba Gringa on Sunday (while sick)... have practice this Sunday... hopefully not while sick.
- I am almost able to stand on a snowboard... big accomplishment for me. I need to get back at it before I lose what little skills I have acquired.
- With clear air I am months past due for a winter hike.
- I am remarkably behind in Organic Chemistry... as in have not even opened the book yet...
- I am remarkably behind in anatomy... although all 3 of those books have been opened and flashcards have been made... how am I behind already?
- I have a very messy apartment that has been made even messier by the plumbing and dry wall guys that have basically moved in with me this week.

Dearest immune system, please step up your game!

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