Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello 2010!!!

I can truly tell the year has changed, promise. Never mind that all my bills payed thus far accidentally have 09 written on them and that I seriously almost put "Hello 2009" as my title... haha... oh dear.

ANYWAY... I had hoped that my first blog of 2010 (yeah... almost did it again) would be about this fantastic book I'm reading called 7 Days in the Art World. But, I still have 100 pages to go and I am a firm believer in not formulating all thoughts on a book until it has been read completely through... why have I not finished this book? Because I am completely addicted to my crochet projects at the moment... whatever will I do when school starts???

So goals for 2010:

1. Prioritize. I will not let my crochet addiction keep me from studying... I will not, I will not.

2. Keep up with my reading. Much of what has been learned this year has been through the reading of amazing books, I need to keep that up.

3. Take better care of myself. I will not put off doctors checkups till the last minute (I scheduled my dentist appointment today- be proud!). I will eat food that is good for me that will help me stay alert and active. I will exercise my heart - because it needs it (as soon as icky inversion goes away... gag!).

4. I will volunteer. Been meaning to, don't have a decent excuse for why I haven't...

5. I will go on a fantastic trip. Ever since Ghana, this travel stuff has become an addiction... one I will happily give into because I believe it makes my life better. (Been looking at trips to South Africa, Tanzania, Egypt, Costa Rica, Thailand, and India for this summer... I CAN NOT decide!!!!)

6. I will climb a 14er. I believe Mount Elbert has been the lucky 14er of choice and with any luck... my mom will be in healthy enough shape to go with me! (The risk for seizures increases at higher altitudes, so we might have to do a gradual climb... giving that brain of hers time to adjust.)

7. I will write down at least 3 of my hat patterns - the official start to the crochet book I will write in the next few years.

8. I will be able to carve on a snowboard... once I get a firming grasp on the whole staying standing part.

9. I will not sweat the small stuff. I get worked up over silly things and am really hard on myself sometimes. I'm 23. I should have a better grasp on what's important and what is not.

10. I will keep dancing. Not the crazy amount I have kept up for the previous 18 years, but I will do something to keep it up. I took a dance class over Christmas with an old teacher who has become a great friend. She stopped us in class to say this, "I love you all for how vivacious, individual, and full of light you are! Each one of you has something precious and unique to offer in movement and spirit - Always know how lucky you are to be dancing!" We danced to a song with the lyrics, "If my heart was a house, you'd be home." She talked about how dancing feels like home to her... and it does to me too- especially being back in my old studio, with people I knew from high school, my sister, and her teaching. I was home in so many more ways than one. It was funny to be there listening to her say that. All the younger dancers (which I used to be!!!) were there smiling and nodding, but I was on the verge of tears! It takes maturity and dancing for 18+ years to realize the magnitude of those words and to truly understand the great great advice we were being given. So in 2010, I'm taking that advice.

2010 is going to be awesome. I can feel it!

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