Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review Session Pet Peeves

I came home from anatomy review last night in a completely horrible mood. Not because I was frustrated with the subject (I'm loving anatomy and the TA's and SI leader are awesome!) but because I was completely disappointed in the other students...

College students (especially of the pre-med variety) should NOT...

1. Interrupt the TA
2. Talk with their buddies for 2 hours... in review.
3. Fidget and constantly kick the backs of other's chairs.
4. Whine about how hard something is.
5. Begin every question with "Do we need to know... ?"
6. Ask the same question that 4 other people have already asked.
7. Lose the ability to stay on topic.
8. Start arguments over silly things.
9. Act like they know more than the SI leader.
10. Laugh at other students that make mistakes but actually have the courage to try an entire blood trace in front of everyone.

I'm especially cranky because I only slept 4 hours in preparation for the test this morning, but honestly people... don't be buttheads, please!!!

1 comment:

  1. I just have to say I hate people like that.
    It gets so, so annoying at times.