Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One wedding down... Three to go!

Yes, my friends, it is wedding season.  Being a college grad, along with all my friends, it is time to get married! (No worries- it is still a far away happening for myself!)  However, many of my nearest and dearest are getting ready to tie the knot!

This past weekend I was a bridesmaid for the wedding of Sarah and Howard Cordingly (formerly Sarah Fields).  Sarah and I were roommates our first semester of college.  We became fast friends! I remember meeting Howard for the first time (only a week or so after she met him) and thinking they were going to get married someday!  They met while Howard was on leave from the army, at the time stationed in Germany.  They talked on the phone everyday for almost a year, and she went to visit him for a European Christmas.  They have been living together ever since his return - very romantic.  

Their wedding was absolutely beautiful.  It took place at Hamilton's Restaurant up in Logan - it was set up beautifully and had delicious food after.  The ceremony was short- just the way I like it- but amazingly sweet.  There were amazing guitar players for both the ceremony and reception - I love guitar -  touching musicians and a blast to dance to.  We continued celebrating the rest of the day at Sarah's parents house with more awesome music and great food.  Sarah and Howard have some amazing friends that are great people and easy to get along with.  After this weekend, I am lucky enough to call them my friends as well!  Sarah was the PERFECT bride!  She was breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly calm and laid back.  The biggest congrats to them both with so much love!!!
The bride and her entourage!
Still to go... Camille and Cameron - a friend from the dance department, Diana and Tyler - my best friend, and Rachel and Nate - one of the few girls I can talk on the phone with for hours and spill just about everything to.  I'm so glad my loves have found love!!!
The wedding party!

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