Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School... or something like it.

Today classes began at the University of Utah. I have mixed feelings. Yes, I am back in class- even after walking around in a silly gown and carrying a diploma in May. I don't know if I would call today my first DAY of class, since I only had one class... and I only have one class tomorrow... and no classes on Friday. This is school??? I'm used to spending all day everyday plus weekends doing school related dance classes, rehearsals, activities, etc. When I first signed up for classes I thought this would be an awesome schedule with lots of free time and plenty of time to work. Still might be true, but seeing as how I am still jobless (I'm not TECHNICALLY a CNA yet- still 3 tests to go...) I am feeling pretty lazy and I don't like it. I'm very restless... AH!

In addition to all that... I'm used to walking into a familiar building I call home, knowing all my professors, knowing and loving all my classmates, dancing away my first day of school nerves, and spending the day with my best friends on the first day of school. Today had none of that. I am just another number in a huge lecture hall with a bunch of unfriendly science nerds.

On the plus side, I'm really interested in physiology and I got to wear jeans to class instead of sweat pants... here's hoping for a better tomorrow.

Life in the dance building...

vs. Life in the lecture hall...

Can't blame me for being a little disappointed today!


  1. Hey now, some of the science nerds are nice. ;)
    Love ya, miss Sara. It'll get better! And enjoy that free time while it lasts!

  2. AMANDA!!!! you are a nice science nerd- and I say nerd with the utmost respect!

    And you are right... the free time is gone. Thank you, physioogy!