Friday, June 12, 2009

"In many ways we are all sons and daughters of ancient Greece. " - Nia Vardalos

I primarily created this blog to document my summer adventures.  Of all the adventures had and all the adventures yet to be had... Greece is probably the most spectacular.  If it hadn't been near impossible to bring my computer with me, I would have blogged about every single amazing day.  While the trip is still fresh in my mind, here were some of the highlights...

- We were the favorite dancers at our Greek evening dinner.  Our perfect seats and our BFA's may have aided us in this accomplishment.  We had the constant affection of the Greek gentlemen that were dancing and I was even twirled.  It was lovely.

- One of the many stray dogs in Greece befriended us during our first outing into the Plaka market in Athens when we were straight out of the airport and exhausted.  While wandering the streets, only somewhat lost, it was nice to have a friend.  He sat and waited for us while we ate lunch and somehow found us the next day as we walked around the Acropolis.  

-Me, Diana, and Amanda broke away from the group which allowed us to do many splendid things.  We had lunch in the most beautiful little Taverna surrounded by beautiful trees tucked away in the Plaka market.  We explored the Roman Agora- beautiful ruins fenced into modern day Athens. Between their restaurants and homes lies beautiful ancient columns and an amazing piece of history - those lucky ducks.  We also explored the Greek Agora, walking through beautifully preserved columns through peaceful trees with a light breeze tucked away from the city.  We also took great pride in finding our way back to the hotel all on our own.  Small accomplishments should always be appreciated.  

-Discovered the Greek version of the Oreo.  DELISH!

- Homer's Inn - Ios.  Amazing view from our window-  most beautiful pool I've ever seen - a short bus ride from the most beautiful beach with the most amazing blue water - a decent hike from town but well worth the climb.  

- Days in Ios were spent in our lounge chairs with a front row view of crystal clear water situated a short walk from a bar with fresh squeezed orange juice and Greek coffee- I don't like coffee, but I like Greek coffee.  Nights were spent exploring the town, eating delicious dinners on restaurant balconies, bar hopping / pub crawling with Australian boys, eating baklava, and dancing the night away. Lovely.

- Enjoyed the black sand beaches of Santorini- absolutely beautiful - with a street lined in beach lounge restaurants.

- Spent the day on a boat all around Santorini - the day included hiking a volcano, viewing a 1.5 million Euro island that is actually for sale, eating grilled calamari on a tiny little island, swimming to natural hot springs and covering ourselves in mud, donkey rides, and watching one of the most beautiful and world famous sunsets from the cliffs created by the volcano.

-Explored the labyrinth of the city on Mykonos with streets so narrow you can ONLY walk through them--- designed that way to keep out the wind and the pirates, eventually making our way to lunch at Niko's and trying our best to not be eaten by the GIANT pelicans that reside there.

- We took a ferry from Mykonos to Delos- an island archeological site.  We hiked to the very top of the entire island and had the most amazing view of the fields, the ruins, and other islands. So beautiful. So free.

-A fabulous night in Mykonos. Down Under Bar. Ouzo. Scandinavian Bar. Free Shots. Togas. Stripper pole. Dancing on bars. Thriller....  imagine the good times.

- We got some absolutely delicious juice boxes to celebrate Diana's birthday.  We didn't have the best flight home... but that's a story to be shared in person...

Ultimately, I would say Greece is one of my favorite places in the entire world.  I haven't seen the entire world YET, but once I do, I'm sure my feelings will be confirmed.  Nowhere else can compare to its amazing beauty, its laid-back nature, its calming ocean breeze, and the constant reminder of its beautifully rich history.  People have lived there for thousands and thousands of years; I completely understand why.

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