Friday, May 1, 2009

Post- Graduation TO DO LIST

I'm finding I consistently use this blog as a way of procrastinating my chemistry homework.  My final is Monday, so really this is the perfect time to write a random note that no one will read instead of frantically studying as I should be.  I have  a chronic case of senioritis and even though my chemistry book is open I find myself thinking about all I look forward to doing in the next few years before I have to become a responsible grown up... I can't wait.  I will no longer be living in a dance studio, spending hours in rehearsal, or constantly worrying about being able to dance my best every single day.  So here it is - my post-graduation TO DO LIST!

1. Ride a bike.  I haven't been on a bike since a family vacation to Vail in the 7th grade or so.  I was invited on a bike ride a few days ago and it seemed like it would be so much fun if only I wasn't positive I would fall over. They say "it's like riding a bike," but honestly- my falling over is highly likely.  I've never had the need for a bike - my home in the Fort was too far to ride a bike anywhere and my home in SLC is close enough that I can walk most places and sadly I often feel too tired from dance class to go on a bike ride just for fun.  It's been so long I don't even own a bike anymore.  BUT - I'm going to Prague in a month and a half and I hear they have awesome bike tours.  Hopefully it will come back to me just like riding a bike.

2. Learn to snowboard.  I've grown up most of my life in Colorado with the Rocky Mountains as a regular view on my drive to school.  I now live less than a half hour from the greatest snow on earth.  Hell- they had the Olympics here! It is terrible that I don't make use of the snow- I'm learning.

3. Write a crochet book.  I'm really good at making up cool patterns for crocheted hats.  This is a serious skill I have.  All the patterns are in my head.  If only I could get them down on paper and add pretty pictures - I'd make bank.  Maybe I could use it to fund my adventures.

4. Become a yoga master.   Yoga gets you in great shape.  It's good for the mind body and soul.  It has serious concern for what is good for the body and personal growth- things that are sometimes lost in the competitive world of dance.  Yoga also has so many moments of stillness- this sounds surprisingly appealing since I've spent so much of my life moving.

5. Sail a boat.  Both my parents grew up sailing.  All my aunts and uncles know how and they have all taught my cousins... I'm seriously one of the only people in my huge extended family that doesn't know how to sail a boat.  I want to take myself on some ocean/lake adventures so this is a skill I plan to learn.

6. Hike a fourteener.  A couple years ago, my cousin from California finally visited Colorado and we decided to show him what mountains really looked like. We rode a train to the top of Pike's Peak.  Totally awesome.  There's no cooler feeling than being at the top of the world like that.  I realized ... I've lived in Colorado/Utah forever, I'm in good shape, I'm young... I should hike this thing!  Of course, Utah doesn't actually have any fourteeners so I will have to head back to CO for this- not something I mind at all.

7. Travel the world.  Everyone has heard that super cheesy quote that goes something like, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away."  I've had many many moments like this where I can't actually believe I'm standing where I'm standing or seeing what I'm seeing... all while on fabulous trips around the world.  Travel is totally a drug- once you start, you can't stop.

8. Volunteer.  I am such an unbelievably lucky kid.  I have been given so many opportunities and have an absolutely amazing support system of family and friends.  Life is good.  Share the joy.  I'm looking into volunteering with a hospice program, the humane society, maybe the big brother and big sisters program... I wish I'd been more involved in things like this throughout my life, but it's never too late.

9. Do service work in another country. This really just combines numbers 7 and 8 - but I have friends that have volunteered in places like India and Africa and what a humbling experience that is.  It changes you.

10. Take advantage of my car's fabulous gas mileage.  I live a day's drive away from some really freakin cool places.  I'm thinking I'll need to make every weekend a long weekend and stop by: Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde, Four Corners, the sand dunes, the zillions of cool national parks in southern Utah, Glacier National Park, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Joshua Tree... the list goes on and on...

11. Read a book a week.  There is so much to be learned from reading, and the list of books on my "want to read" list grows daily.  Maybe, just maybe, if I read a book a week I'll be able to keep up.

12. Become a better cook.  Food is good.  And it is cheaper when you cook it yourself.  And I hear making it can be fun.  I'm going to need some good healthy nutrients to accomplish the rest of my to do list. Wish me luck.

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