Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Whine Session

I'm a 23 year old whiner... all the reasons I don't like having a birthday on December 7.

1. Pearl Harbor Day. I know that's not the first thing people really think about on December 7 anymore, but when you do, it becomes a little more difficult to celebrate.

2. Finals. Yesterday was my birthday (yay). I spent it studying because I have finals this week and next (boo).

3. The Nutcracker. True- this is not a worry anymore, but ALL the years I was growing up my birthday always always fell on the week of the nutcracker which meant I was totally stressed out between end of school projects and dress rehearsals, lighting, spacing... when I was lucky enough to have my birthday fall on a weekend I inevitably spent the whole time in dressing rooms and on stage.

4. Christmas. I love Christmas, and EVERYONE is in the Christmas spirit... which makes a birthday hard to remember. I love that excited feeling building up toward Christmas... but I don't let it start until after my birthday. That means I have about one week less of holiday cheer time than everyone else. Sad day.

5. The Winter Brain Conference. My dad studies the brain. The winter brain conference ALWAYS happens over my birthday and he has been required at the conference for the last 25 years or so (I'm only 23... guess what that means...). I don't remember ever having a birthday with my dad around. True as a "grown up" I should probably get used to that... but now that my dad is the only family member I live close to, I really do enjoy having him around. No matter how old I get, I will never get sick of family time. (In all reality though... to show how great my dad is... the year he won the award for best basic scientist we got to join him at the conference and he wished me a happy birthday in his acceptance speech and made sure I knew how much he hated missing my birthday each year... thanks, Dad!)

6. Snow. I've grown up around snow, should be used to it, but in all truth I really don't like it. I'm determined to take up snowboarding with the hopes that it might help me like snow more, but so far snow is still a frustration. In the unpredictable weather of the mountainy west, it will be absolutely beautiful weather... until my birthday when inevitably it gets crazy cold and a crazy storm hits making it difficult to go anywhere (or celebrate). This rule also holds true for our spring breaks.

7. BAD BAD Birthdays. I have a history of having really really downright terrible birthdays. It's just about at the point where I prepare myself for the worst. For example... this time last year I was driving through the crazy snowstorm to pick my mom up from the airport. She had just been discharged from the hospital in Fort Collins and was flying to Utah not to visit her daughter on her birthday, but to prepare for brain surgery. (She got the staples out the day after Christmas.) Needless to say, I was terrified and really was in no mood to celebrate something as minor as a birthday. 2 years before that I had the stomach flu and a final on my birthday amongst a slew of other really terrible things...

All in all, compared to birthdays past, yesterday could have been much worse. It was actually quite enjoyable considering I spent it studying physiology. Clearly, no matter how old I get (23... wow...) I probably will never stop having brief, childish, and selfish moments like now when I feel the need to complain about completely trivial things. On the plus side, I have a large group of ridiculously awesome and thoughtful friends and a family that spoils me more than I deserve. Yay birthdays and thank you!!!

Happy Holidays. Drive safe in that crazy snow. Good luck on finals.

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