Monday, December 21, 2009

A Dudek Family Christmas!

So there are some Christmas traditions that always happen for the Dudek family - all of which I'm appreciating so much more this year since they were missed last year. (We had a last minute Christmas in the SLC condo/University of Utah Hospital.) I like to think of myself (and my family) as being pretty eco friendly peeps... but there are 2 traditions my mother refuses to give up.

1- Refusal to use LED lights... they seem too cold. My mom thinks they look more blue than white and therefore do not convey the appropriate feeling of a warm, candle- lit Christmas... therefore they are not used on the Dudek house.

And 2- the yearly purchase of a real tree. That's right, none of that plastic mess for the Dudeks! I think a large part of the reason we insist on this tradition (mom especially) is because we have so much fun going to pick it out. We all must go together, and stage a tree-hugging photo shoot. Because all four of us must be present, that means we are usually getting our tree very last minute. Only after finals are over and my dad and I come rolling back into town do we venture to the tree shop. Classic moment of today... the tree man says that trees are %30 off.... Dad then says, "and by 30%, you really mean 50%, right?" Yes... my father is an expert in tree bargaining.

A third Christmas tradition... Many of my years growing up I spent at least a good solid day at my dance studio learning a competition routine from one of my favorite teachers- Sarah Mizushima - only in town from Southern California for Christmas. Tonight, my sis and I went to a class taught by Sarah... such a blast! Spending my Christmas break dancing her movement just felt right (we even did our develope combination to the song we performed her choreography to when I was in 8th grade... and I felt very old!).

And tomorrow to continue in the true Dudek Christmas tradition, I will begin my Christmas shopping- yes I am well aware I only have 3 days to complete it, but this is my method of crowd avoidance... no one else waits this long to do their shopping...


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