Monday, October 12, 2009

5 Weddings Down- YES, FIVE!

Yes, this year I have had 5 very dear friends get married. Diana called me the other day to say she was watching the movie 27 Dresses and thought of me. This weekend it was Rachel and Nate (Nachel) and Gina and Teauger. Sadly- they were on the same day and in different states. Had they been in the same city- I probably would have pulled the same move as Katherine Heigl and paid a cab driver to take me back and forth...

So anyway- I went to Washington for the weekend and played the roll of photographer's assistant (allowing me to get some awesome pics myself) and witness on the marriage license for Rachel and Nate. The wedding was held in the backyard of their friend Anthony in the midst of a beautiful Washington forrest in Gig Harbor. Sarah (Rachel's sister) and I spent the morning helping Rachel get ready - lots of hair curling, make up doing, etc. Once ready, they took some beautiful pictures in the beautiful backyard.

Their wedding ceremony was very small- no more than 30 people. And there was no sitting or marching in... we all stood in a circle around Rachel and Nate. There was a great circle theme throughout the wedding - the rings, donuts instead of cake (YUM)... etc. The ceremony was performed by their good friend Mike - who did a beautiful job and even included some Dr. Seuss - like wedding vows. (I will love you for richer or poorer, quiet or snorer - haha- you get the idea.) AND ultimately the best part of the wedding was how fabulously I watched two families come together, and even though I technically wasn't a part of either- I now feel like I am. I was treated with such kindness, I couldn't even believe it. Really a truly fantastic wedding!

Also on this trip I realized how much I really love Washington. I have only spent two long weekends there (the last one being my sophomore year of high school). But some places just feel like they fit- and Washington is one of them. I was absolutely obsessed with catching the perfect picture of Mt. Rainier while I was there. Before I saw the mountain I naively made the comment that it wouldn't be that impressive since I grew up surrounded by the 14ers of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I was wrong- when I looked out my posh hotel room of the Hotel Murano and really caught a glimpse for the first time I was completely amazed! So amazingly beautiful... and I woke up to a view of it each morning I was there! Rachel is trying to convince me to move, and I have to admit it is something I would definitely consider doing once school is over!

Congrats Rachel and Nate and Gina and Teauger! Much Love!

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