Saturday, April 10, 2010

Perfect Day

Oh man. I've had a very interesting week filled with thoughts I've been meaning to write a blog on, but I will save such a heavy subject for another day.

Today was one of those perfect days you just want to keep talking about. It was a classic day in Salt Lake City- one that makes me love living here!

1. Woke up early to go snowboarding with father dear. It was our last day of the season (it closes tomorrow) so it was a little bittersweet. I always have fun with him, and hate to admit that my 62 year old father is totally kicking my ass at snowboarding. Today he told me about how he wants to start using words like "pow." Haha... I love it!

2. It was a beautiful day in the Salt Lake Valley (and mountains too). Total T-shirt weather and EVERYONE was out on their bikes enjoying the sunshine and the mood was generally cheery.

3. Finished up snowboarding with some soup made by my father dear that is positively delicious.

4. Had a great phone call with my mother dear.

5. Cleaned my apartment- which is never fun to do, but now it's oh so clean and oh so nice. And the weather is such that I can leave my windows open which always makes the air so happy and fresh.

6. Grabbed a salad with my bestie, Diana, and took a ride in her beautiful new car! HOLY COW SO EXCITED FOR HER!!!!! WOOH!

7. Went to my first Real Salt Lake Soccer Game with my buddy, Nina, and met some fellow Coloradoans, which I always love and cheered on all the Salt Lakers that went to the olympics at half time.

8. Coloradoans+Nina+ Me meet up with my lovely pal April for some cheese pull -aparts and a beer at the Pie.

9. Late night outdoor chat session with my ladies because the weather is that lovely.

I love Salt Lake, I love my friends, and I love my life... just a few more weeks of hardcore studying and then my dear Colorado besties Emily and Emma will be visiting SLC, my little sister finally turns 21, I'll be spending a month in Uganda, and having an all around awesomely fantastic summer!

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