Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Exclamation Point? Question Mark!

So this is my first blog...
I'm still experimenting to see how this thing works... here we go.

This past weekend was the final performance of Question Mark!  - part two of the University of Utah's senior performance.  Much love to the class of 09 - it was an absolutely AMAZING show, and congrats!  Each of the 21 of us choreographed a dance, and the final dance had all of us performing together.  I had the time of my life performing with my favorite dancers in the world in front of my favorite people in the world.  This was my last dance show for a while, and it was the perfect way to finish - a high energy performance with us all cheering one another on, some bittersweet tears, and standing ovations at the end.  Some of my best friends came to watch the performance, those who couldn't come phoned to wish me luck, and a whole gang of family members drove 12 hours to see me dance for the first time.  The best part was that those who saw the performance now understand what a special experience I've gone through the last four years with some of the most amazingly talented people in the world who I will consider true friends for the rest of my life.  After many hugs and kisses, a tasty reception, and an all night party I couldn't help but think how I am one of the luckiest people ever to have such amazing friends, a supportive family, and a life filled with dance.  

A thousand thanks to my class and their awesomeness. The true strength of this show wasn't any one of us on our own, but how we came together as a diverse variety of young talented artists.  I'm so excited to see how my 20 classmates are going to change the world with their work.  They have changed my life and they will go on to change so many others.

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